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CHAPTER 10 From Vision to Visionary > A Visionary Keeps It Active - Pg. 172

172 INSPIRATIONAL you'd say that, but . . . ), you'll wind up with a room full of people passively nodding their heads. No one is going to stand up to the boss when his mind is already made up. There's nothing to gain and lots to lose. I've used this exercise frequently in workshops with seasoned CEOs. One leader will present an idea about which she feels strongly. A few others will act as the audience, providing alternate takes on it. Keep in mind, these are people who are accustomed to having the last (and loudest) word on the ideas they generate. Invariably, the person acting as the leader will admit that it was killing her to hold back her vociferous defense of her ideas. It's good to learn how easy (or difficult) it is to hear opposing positions, and how to have the self-control to inquire about the other person's thought processes rather than relentlessly promote your own. A visionary leader wants to hear how others think and feel. She knows that the power in a vision is that it is shared--and that the sum is always greater than the individual parts.