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CHAPTER 12 Strategic Shock Value and Oth... > Discomfort Is as Natural as the Spot... - Pg. 198

198 INSPIRATIONAL · Be personable and real. Shed the all-business persona and share stories about yourself. While people are filing into the room and you are waiting for everyone to assemble, it's a perfect time for casual connection. · Be conscientious of people's time, just like in internal meetings. Ask what your clients or prospects need first, and don't assume your presentation will answer all their questions. Never put your content above your audience's questions. Don't appear frustrated to be taken off topic. · Show integrity. Don't be afraid to admit when you don't have an answer or that a project has been difficult or that a product or service has a weakness. At a time when so much of corporate life is about CYA, honesty stands out. I love the expression "Put some skunk on the table." It's the idea that in sales, you draw your prospect closer by admitting a product or service's weak- nesses, instead of just highlighting the strengths. · Put the relationship above all else. Focus on how to be of service to the other person, even if that means you'll miss out on some-