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CHAPTER 4 Presence as Perception > Conduct Your Presence Audit - Pg. 60

60 INTENTIONAL can always learn something, the utility of the standard 360-degree re- view is limited. If you have this type of 360-degree feedback from your workplace, it won't be enough, by itself, to give you a personal presence audit. It's not sufficient in my work for clients, and it's not the full picture for you. The reason I review these documents is to help me formulate the right questions to ask going forward. These existing reviews also give me a sense of what my clients have heard so far from other people, and what, if anything, they have done about it. Most important for this con- versation, if executive presence is an issue but has not been overtly mentioned, I can usually find it described as a euphemism or a catchall phrase somewhere in the feedback. Unlike hard and definable functional skills, presence issues can be lumped into broad categories. Here are some common phrases I've seen written on reviews that allude to pres- ence issues. You May Have a Presence Problem if Your Reviews Say . . . · Lacks strong communications skills