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You're the Only One Who Believes You Can... > You're the Only One Who Believes You... - Pg. 79

GO AHEAD, TRIP OVER YOUR OWN PERFECTIONISM 79 closed-door meeting for hours--sometimes over the course of days-- and pore over the details of our candidate's life and the political envi- ronment in her district. We were keenly aware that in another room just like ours, our opponent's political consultants were going through a similar process, with their own research book about our candidate. Our job was to create a strong individual connection between voters and our candidate. We had to find links so compelling that even a barrage of negative attack ads couldn't sever it. So what did we do? We looked for a blend of competency with vulnerability in the candidate's story. Political advisers do extensive polling throughout a campaign on their candidate's positives and negatives to see which ones land with voters. We had actual, hard statistical data about what voters liked about the candidate to back up our messages. Time after time, it was the candidate's connection on a deeper, human level that polled best with voters. We developed messages about a candidate's rags-to-riches back- ground, or her ability to build a business from nothing. We wrote