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CHAPTER 6 Trust: The Ultimate Gatekeeper > Can You Measure Trust? (Give It a Tr... - Pg. 94

94 INDIVIDUAL Intimacy is in the realm of emotions. You probably found credibility and reliability to be fairly predictable. But when intimacy enters the room, things get shaken up. Intimacy is a tough concept to grasp in the workplace. We've become accustomed to (and comfortable with) keeping a professional distance in our interactions. It's the all-busi- ness persona I discussed in Chapter 5. Yet our trusted relationships always include a level of intimacy. We have to be able to open up-- and encourage others to open up as well--or the real issues will never surface. In discussions with those whom we trust, we use can- dor and full disclosure because we know in this trusted relationship we'll be handled as friends and confidantes. Perhaps just as impor- tant, we also know that appropriate boundaries will be respected; therefore intimacy will be used to deal with the issue on the table, not to exploit the relationship. Self-orientation is in the realm of motives. In the trust equation, it holds great power as the sole denominator. In my experience, this is exactly as it should be. When we perceive that people are putting