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Example 1: Empathy Creating Possibilitie... > Example 1: Empathy Creating Possibil... - Pg. 124

124 INDIVIDUAL Relate Relating is the last and most straightforward stop in the circle. It means comparing another person's experience to one that you've observed. For instance, if you are talking to colleagues about their struggle with a part of their job, you let them know that you've had a similar issue in the past--or that you've watched a colleague over- come the same thing. It need not be an exact comparison. As a matter of fact, it can be affirming to note that while you don't have direct experience of the particular situation, you are familiar with similar situations and share a common work ethic or approach. You get the point. By relating, you are bringing yourself into the discus- sion. Stories are a perfect vehicle to use here. When we relate to someone fully, it reinforces that we know what it feels like to walk in his shoes. One caveat: While sharing your experiences is important, be mindful not to share too much. You don't want to hijack the conver- sation. If the conversation is becoming about you, find a way to steer it back to the other person.