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Example 2: Empathy Creating Hope > Example 2: Empathy Creating Hope - Pg. 126

126 INDIVIDUAL happened. The whole country seemed to be blaming them for the housing market collapse. Every day it seemed the media was conjur- ing up a new negative spin on Fannie Mae. Personal net worths and retirement savings plummeted with Fannie Mae's stock prices. Em- ployees went from workplace pride to workplace embarrassment. And worst of all, no one knew what Congress planned to do with the company after the new Obama administration stepped in. People feared for their livelihoods and their futures. 8 (As of this writing in 2011, the verdict is still out on Fannie Mae's precise future.) In September 2008, Herb Allison was appointed by Fannie Mae's conservator to step in as the CEO. During his tenure, Allison was a model of what empathic leadership could do. First and foremost, he was a communicator. He made sure everyone across the company-- in all locations--knew what the corporate values were. He modeled brave leadership by making tough decisions and taking accounta- bility. He spoke frankly about what he could control and what was out of his hands. He held weekly town hall­style videoconferences where any person could ask any question and he would answer it.