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CHAPTER 8 A Note to Emailphiles, CrackBe... > Scenario 5: Paging Dr. BlackBerry - Pg. 135

A NOTE TO EMAILPHILES, CRACKBERRY ADDICTS, AND TURBOTEXTERS 135 Scenario 4: Hostile Reply-Alls This scenario combines a few of the previous points. Most of us have seen someone on an email thread suddenly call out another person on the thread through a "reply all" message. It's essentially the same as being dressed down in a meeting. It can get worse, such as when the recipient tries to discuss the issue privately, only to have the other person reply by bringing the full group back on the email! It's down- right hostile behavior. I had a client whose manager hit the Reply-all button so frequently that he refused to respond to emails. It created an environment of fear and retaliation. He tried to address it directly with his manager but was never successful. No surprise that he moved on. Suffice it to say that this strategy accomplishes little. Whether it's a group of peers or colleagues at mixed levels, as soon as any individ- ual's issue turns the least bit negative, get off the group email and handle it one-on-one. If it seems like it could be embarrassing to dis- cuss in a group, it is.