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CHAPTER 8 A Note to Emailphiles, CrackBe... > Test Your Email Acumen - Pg. 131

A NOTE TO EMAILPHILES, CRACKBERRY ADDICTS, AND TURBOTEXTERS 131 there are many of you out there. Email is an effective management tool in many ways. The problem is that overreliance on it is decidedly ineffective--and not always for the rea- sons you may imagine. Take the quiz Email is an effective man- titled "Test Your Email Acumen" (lo- agement tool. Overuse of cated in the sidebar), and then read on email is decidedly not. to learn what works and what doesn't. Test Your Email Acumen Answer these three questions. Circle one or more answers that apply. 1. Using email for assigning projects usually: A. Saves time B. Wastes time 2. When a subordinate receives a work assignment from his supervisor via email that is unclear, he's most likely to: A. Ask for clarification B. Spend time conferring with others to get their take on the as-