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Step 4: Just Do It (At Least in a Small ... > Step 4: Just Do It (At Least in a Sm... - Pg. 152

152 INSPIRATIONAL Finally, stating our intended change in public creates intrinsic motivation to achieve it. A technique I've used is to go around the room after a meeting and have people state what they are committing to. Those things we promise out loud and in front of others are more likely to If you want to keep an in- get done; so let others know what you're sight active, sketch it out, up to. revisit it often, become ac- In short, the next time you want to countable for it, and broad- turn an insight into an action, sketch it cast it. out, revisit it often, become account- able for it, and broadcast it. Your Brain and Presence: Action Item 3 Go back through the previous chapters and reread what you filled out in the "Ideas I Want to Try" sections. If you haven't filled them out, start doing so from this chapter forward. Select one tool or idea you want to put into practice. Sketch out