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CHAPTER 9 Inspiring Change from the Brai... > Five Steps to Optimize Your Brain fo... - Pg. 147

INSPIRING CHANGE FROM THE BRAIN DOWN 147 talks, you may have an impulse to sit back for a second to ponder, which means you are comparing this new data against your existing mental maps. You analyze how the new ideas fit in with what you've observed. And then, in a burst of energy, you think, Aha! You get excited about this fresh idea. Suddenly some pieces come together and you are ready to take action or share what you've learned. You've just created a new mental map! Even better, that burst of energy you felt was adrenaline being released, which gives you a lift. (You can actually observe this response in someone, and it doesn't take state-of-the-art brain scanning equipment. It's all over a person's face.) You leave the training excited to go out and apply your new learning. Then you return to your office and begin going through all the emails that have collected, and be- fore you know it you're thrown into a Insights are energizing but minor crisis. In other words, essentially, fleeting. life takes over. Does this story sound fa- miliar? A few days after the training you struggle to remember what