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Listening Skills > Senior Leader Goals - Pg. 62

62 LISTENING SKILLS 6 Ask open-ended questions to ensure that the speaker is aware that you are engaged in the conversation 6 Refrain from demonstrating overtly negative feelings when dissatis- fied with a staff member 's response or recommendation 6 Listen with empathy, and try to see the situation from the other person's point of view Front-Line Supervisory and Managerial Goals 6 Bear in mind that hearing is a passive action and that listening is active 6 Face those you are talking with and make eye contact to demonstrate your interest and concern 6 Nod your head, and use the appropriate body language when listen- ing to make the other person feel important and recognized 6 Convert "yes . . . but" to "yes . . . and" to acknowledge the speaker 's point of view and to share additional insights