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Front-Line Supervisory and Managerial Go... > Front-Line Supervisory and Manageria... - Pg. 68

68 MOTIVATION 6 Follow the simple rule, "What you want for yourself, give to another " 6 Avoid any perceptions of favoritism or inconsistent treatment Individual Contributor Goals 6 Listen with a genuine intent to understand others' points of view 6 Help others reach their personal best in a spirit of positive coopera- tion 6 Encourage teamwork and group learning by sharing your knowledge freely 6 6 6 6 6 6 Provide feedback in a constructive and caring manner Always follow up and deliver on the commitments that you make Teach what you choose to learn Share any concerns objectively and without drama Communicate candidly and openly about needed course corrections Perform postmortems on deals gone badly, and view mistakes as key learning opportunities