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Senior Leader Goals > Senior Leader Goals - Pg. 69

MOTIVATION 69 6 Conduct weekly meetings to share accomplishments, challenges, and future direction 6 Place team members into positions of leadership by allowing them to lead staff meeting segments and propose solutions to current chal- lenges 6 Look for opportunities to cross-train and job-shadow to strengthen team flexibility Senior Leader Goals 6 Create a work environment where employees can motivate them- selves 6 Make integrity and authenticity the cornerstones of your leadership style 6 Demonstrate appreciation and recognition for employees' efforts to go above and beyond the call of duty 6 Make sure that pay-for-performance is the primary driver of your team's success 6 6 6 6 Model and encourage an appropriate work-life balance Foster a greater sense of community and inclusion Build career progression plans to grow and retain top talent Encourage philanthropic and voluntary activities to help the commu- nity you lead them 6 Lead from your heart so that others will willingly follow you wherever 6 Constantly share the bigger picture, and allow staffers to peer into your world, your concerns, and your larger overall goals 6 Model your corporate values at all times 6 Stimulate greater employee engagement by strengthening the quali- ty of people leadership in your area 6 Build a culture based on trust, open communication, recognition, and high expectations 6 Institute the appropriate recognition and rewards programs to moti- vate top performers 6 Inspire company loyalty by sharing the vision of its future growth American Management Association ·