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Staff Development > Front-Line Supervisory and Managerial Goals - Pg. 100

100 STAFF DEVELOPMENT Front-Line Supervisory and Managerial Goals 6 Praise in public, censure in private 6 Practice selfless leadership 6 Delegate what you're best at and what you enjoy in order to mentor others by sharing your strengths 6 Get to know your team members better by learning two to three per- sonal items per person (for example, hobbies, interests, children, education, vacation destinations, and the like) 6 Refrain from providing immediate answers, and encourage your staffers to think things through with you logically and out loud 6 Provide the appropriate amount of structure, direction, and feedback without handholding 6 Encourage cross-training and job-shadowing to broaden your team's breadth and depth of skills and organizational knowledge 6 Assign each team member a copy of your company's annual report and ensure that everyone understands the financial drivers of orga-