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Time Management > Individual Contributor Goals - Pg. 117

TIME MANAGEMENT 117 6 Remain calm and focused when juggling multiple priorities to avoid appearing overwhelmed or stressed out 6 Regularly communicate your questions or concerns to avoid unnec- essary or unproductive activities 6 Take interruptions in stride so as not to break your focus or lose sight of your end goal Individual Contributor Goals 6 Regularly set goals using your daily planner at the start of your day 6 Set concrete, realistic goals that are readily achievable by a specific date 6 Establish performance goals, not outcome goals, over which you can have maximum control 6 Base your goals on personal performance so that you can keep con- trol over their achievement 6 Set precise goals, including completion dates, times, and specific outcomes, so that you can measure your progress 6 Regularly modify your goals to reflect your changing priorities by scheduling incremental reviews in your electronic calendar 6 Finish whatever you start out to do Front-Line Supervisory and Managerial Goals 6 Employ goals that are SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, rele- vant, and time-bound) 6 Help your team members distinguish between urgent goals (that demand immediate attention) and important goals (that lead to their own personal goal achievement) 6 Coach your employees to focus on being both effective and efficient 6 Focus your team on identifying the low-hanging fruit that will increase your organizational effectiveness and help us redirect the workflow in light of your department's changing needs 6 Recognize that goals requiring you to raise the bar bring the greatest personal satisfaction 6 Strengthen your team's organizational forecasting abilities to proac- tively address potential shortfalls American Management Association ·