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Chapter 8: Integrating > Closing Thoughts - Pg. 96

96 UNDERSTANDING MILITARY TRANSITION well served by the insight and experience of those who have success- fully integrated into your organization. Closing Thoughts You can't promise your new-hire service members when they'll feel 100 percent or when they'll be considered for promotion, but you can as- sure them that it can and will happen, and you can provide examples of the signposts I've listed above. Your capacity to be patient with the process and show faith in the individual will go a long way toward accelerating the transition into integration. Creating opportunities for integrated veterans to support the tran- sition success of other military new-hires is a win-win for all con- cerned, serving to strengthen the bond of employees with your organization. Don't be afraid to ask your integrated veterans for help--my experience is that they will be both happy and proud to