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Introduction - Pg. 1

Introduction for organizational leaders, managers, and human resource professionals, all of whom play an essential role in an employ- ee's decision to stay or to go. I want to distinguish the book from my audio course for veterans themselves, titled ``Your Military Transi- tion ,'' which speaks directly to the individual veteran about some of the same topics you'll read here. The audio course is intended as a self- paced learning tool for job seekers or new-hires transitioning from military service to civilian employment. Throughout the book you'll hear me refer to ``recruit for reten- tion,'' which means recruiting for lasting talent versus recruiting for immediate relief followed by recruiting to replace those who were hired and quit. I use a variety of terms to refer to the veteran, such as ``veteran,'' ``service member,'' and ``military new-hire.'' These are inter- changeable. The reason for using multiple terms is that many civilians and veterans alike do not relate to the word ``veteran.'' It seems to bring to mind World War II, Korea, and Vietnam, and isn't easily relat- able to the gulf wars. Therefore, in an effort to be inclusive, I have provided alternative terms, and I hope it doesn't confuse readers. THIS BOOK IS WRITTEN 1 American Managememt Association ·