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PART 1: GETTING UP TO SPEED > Conclusion - Pg. 61

Conclusion to Part 1 was to give you a broad perspective on the topic of veterans entering the civilian workplace, what you as a manager or HR professional can expect to see in this segment of the market for talent. We can now look specifically at the military transition experi- ence (Part 2) and how you can impact success and retention through- out the employee lifecycle (Part 3). Hopefully you received a lot of information and insight in Part 1 regarding key differences between military service and civilian em- ployment. You now have an edge over your competitors who lack this information. Why? Remember the goals of the book. Having read part 1, you are already better prepared to (1) anticipate and head off challenges related to the military-to-civilian transition, (2) gain maximum leverage from the strengths brought by military ser- vice members, and (3) position service members for success in your organization. Part 1 has given you material for developing a business case for hiring veterans and for considering them in your organization's diver- sity and inclusion programs. The great thing about common chal- THE OBJECTIVE OF PART 1 61 American Managememt Association ·