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PART 3: THE VETERAN RETENTION LIFECYCLE™ > Chapter 13: Career Development - Pg. 157

Recruitment Career Development Retention On-Boarding CHAPTER 13 Performance Management Career Development ``In the civilian organization I encountered something for the first time I'd never encountered in the military. And that was that there were a number of people, a fairly large number of people, who were there for a job and not a career.'' --Officer, USMC 1 quadrant of the Veteran Re- tention Lifecycle: career management. Where the previous stage, per- formance management, focused on accelerating performance and articulating performance metrics, this stage focuses on the new re- quirement that the veteran take charge of his or her career. In the military, the hierarchy was completely transparent and predictable: no level jumping and a clear path of promotion with articulated expecta- tions of rate of progression. The system ran the process, and the ser- vice member was part of that process, not actively engaged in politics, positioning, or gaming the system. It was highly routinized to accom- modate the huge size of the organization and, in some ways, could be called paternalistic in that an individual's career path was taken care WE HAVE COME TO THE FOURTH AND FINAL 157 American Managememt Association ·