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1: A Good Proposal Is Hard to Find... Bu... > The Value of Your Proposals to Your ... - Pg. 6

6 P E R S UAS I V E B U S I N E S S P ROPO S A LS To do the proposal-writing job well, you need to make sure that your proposal is persuasive, accurate, and complete. Unfortunately, lots of proposal writers invert the order of those qualities, producing proposals that are bloated with detail and scarcely persuasive at all. The Value of Your Proposals to Your Clients Most of us have had the experience of presenting to a client and hearing the decision maker say, "Wow, that sounds great! It looks like it's exactly what we need." (At this point our hearts start soaring.) "Why don't you put together a proposal for us and we'll take a look?" (That sound you hear is our dashed hopes crashing to the floor.) Why do customers ask for a proposal when the recommendations we have made in person so obviously make sense? Because the proposal has value for them. A proposal helps the decision maker: Compare vendors, offers, or prices in order to make an informed decision Clarify complex information