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The Cover Letter > The Cover Letter - Pg. 148

148 P E R S UAS I V E B U S I N E S S P ROPO S A LS · the Moreno Valley Wellness Center in Sunnymead, California · the Playa Vista Health Care Center in Los Angeles, California Our proposal addresses your need for thorough audits of all four op- erations, but we have also gone a step further, taking into account your broader objectives. We have developed an overall plan to help you gather the necessary data to turn the properties around finan- cially and protect the value of your investment. We have also outlined our services in the event that one or more of these properties cannot be made profitable and must be sold or liquidated. We recommend handling the audits by means of a partnership be- tween ourselves, through our headquarters in Los Angeles, California, where we have extensive experience in real estate audits, and James J. Harrison, CPA, & Company, a firm with offices in Phoenix, Arizona, with recognized expertise in supporting the health care industry. This partnership is uniquely qualified to handle the audit and provide ad- ditional services as may be required. We bring some distinct advantages to the process of handling your audit: