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22: Presenting Your Proposal > How to Deliver a Winning Presentation - Pg. 231

Presenting Your Proposal 231 tations, pricing, and the signed offer sheet need to be in writing. As a result, the Department of Defense, Department of Energy, Federal Avia- tion Administration, Bureau of Engraving and Printing, and Internal Revenue Service all began to use oral proposals aggressively. No wonder it feels like half the world is presenting to the other half! How to Deliver a Winning Presentation Preparing an effective oral proposal is as complex and time consuming as preparing a written version of the same proposal. And it creates a whole new set of worries related to delivery skills. People who feel reasonably confident expressing themselves in writ- ing are sometimes terrified at the idea of presenting the same content in person. As a senior scientist at a highly technical firm groused during a proposal presentation class I was leading, "Apparently it doesn't matter which company is best, what matters now is who can send in the best actor to deliver the message." Of course, it would make just as much sense to complain that it doesn't matter which company is best, all that matters is who can write the most persuasively. Or who had the best sales force. Or who had the