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25: Special Challenges > Dealing with Brokers, Consultants, and Other Necessary... - Pg. 268

268 P E R S UAS I V E B U S I N E S S P ROPO S A LS First of all, if there are any areas of the RFP where you are allowed to enter free-form text, make sure you write as persuasively as possible. Sec- ond, write a well-structured, persuasive executive summary and use it as the covering e-mail when you submit your completed RFP online. Maybe nobody will read it, but it's not that much extra work and it might help. Third, if you make it past the first stage of reviews, make sure you seek a face-to-face meeting with the client and then develop an absolute killer proposal presentation, one that emphasizes your understanding of the client's needs, the value you can deliver, and the differentiators that set you apart. Dealing with Brokers, Consultants, and Other Necessary Evils In today's complex business environment, many companies turn to con- sultants, brokers, or other outside resources to handle the bidding process. As proposal writers, we tend to dread these situations. The broker or consultant is likely to manage the process tightly, keeping you at a dis- tance from the actual client. That makes it hard to know if the Request for Proposal to which you're responding reflects the client's interests ac-