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11: Letter Proposals > 11: Letter Proposals - Pg. 128

128 P E R S UAS I V E B U S I N E S S P ROPO S A LS realize that you're not actually thanking anybody for anything. You're saying that you would like to thank somebody, but . . . but what? You can't because you were up all night trying to get your proposal done and you're not feeling all that grateful? Other bad openings start out telling the prospect about our emo- tional state: "Amalgamated Chemicals is delighted to provide the following proposal in response to your RFP . . . " Not to be harsh, but who cares if you're delighted or not? Okay, so what's a better opening? Well, you can still start with a "thank you" if you want to. Just focus it on something that helps you get right to the point. For example, "Thank you for providing the information we requested so that we could com- plete our proposal and develop the right solution for your situation. You have indicated that there are three primary issues that are driving your decision to consolidate operations in one location: . . . " Or you can start by referencing previous meetings, contacts, or the client's RFP: "Based on the meeting held at your offices the first and third weeks of June, plus several phone interviews with other members of your team, we have devel- oped an approach to solve the three specific challenges you identified." But the best opening is usually one that gets right to the point, focus-