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CHAPTER 2 Frustration: The Silent Killer > Frustration: Fulfillment Denied - Pg. 27

F RU ST R AT I O N : T H E S I L E N T K I L L E R faster than its revenues. As popular as they are with call center employees, the bank's senior executives might not sense the frustration of the reps who can't do their jobs without the right tools, or of the supervisors who can't manage the call center as effectively as they once did. The irony here is that the more loyal and engaged employ- ees are, the deeper their frustration will run in the face of ob- stacles. Simply put, they are frustrated because they care. This book is focused on employees who are engaged, moti- vated, and loyal--who aren't ready to give up--but who are experiencing frustration on the job. Frustration: Fulfillment Denied Frustration is a daily occurrence that affects almost everyone: the man who can't get to work because the bus drivers are on strike or the woman craving her morning cup of coffee but whose husband forgot to pick up milk at the grocery store. Frustration is a common emotional response to opposition, when the human will seeks a certain fulfillment but cannot get what it wants. Frustrated people have a desired goal or objec- tive in mind. They want to achieve something, but they are thwarted in their efforts. In general, the greater the desire and the obstruction, the bigger the sense of frustration. To individ- uals experiencing frustration, the emotion is usually attributed to external factors that are beyond their control. It's not me, it's the striking bus drivers! If my husband had only remembered to pick up milk, I wouldn't be drinking black coffee! An indi- vidual suffering from frustration will often feel powerless to change the situation. Broadly speaking, people react either positively or nega- --27-- American Management Association ·