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CHAPTER 4 Enabling High Levels of Perfor... > The Role of Managers vs. Leaders - Pg. 62

T HE E NEMY OF E N G AG E M E N T morale and job satisfaction lower in the face of insurmountable impediments. Simply put, the rangers who cared most about their work were the most demoralized when they were thwarted from doing their best." Along with the negative con- sequences of a lack of employee enablement for the motivation of highly engaged individuals, Britt also points to the likeli- hood of increased turnover. "For these high performers," he ar- gues, "factors they can't control--role ambiguity, inadequate resources, and overwork itself--can hinder their best work and drive them to seek jobs elsewhere. The ones who stay behind may well be the ones who just don't care." 1 The Role of Managers vs. Leaders By focusing exclusively on employee engagement and ignoring