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CHAPTER 6 Engagement Walks in the Door a... > Enablement, Engagement, and the Tenu... - Pg. 104

T HE E NEMY OF E N G AG E M E N T Hay Group's employee opinion norms confirm that employ- ees are similarly concerned about these issues. Roughly 45 per- cent of employees globally express neutral or unfavorable views of the job their organizations are currently doing in managing orientation programs and training new staff to do their jobs well. Given that most organizations are running leaner and need- ing to get the most from all their people, getting new employ- ees up to speed quickly is critical. Failing to do so can diminish productivity and place undue strains on existing staff. Onboarding proponents believe that rather than delegating to coworkers the job of informally training newcomers (some- times known as the "just follow him around" method of job orientation), or asking new hires to watch a video or read a brochure (typically on their own time), or simply throwing them in with the lions so they can learn by trial and error, re-