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11 Overcoming Threats to Trust > The Need for Consequences - Pg. 173

O V E R C O M I N G T H R E AT S T O T R U S T 173 The guideline is that, if you think there might be a problem, there probably is. Stop, look, and listen. Walk the halls. Listen to what people say and how they say it. Use your discretion. Network to learn what others outside the organization are saying. And don't ignore the signals of a looming problem. Those same concerns are the ones that threaten your personal and pro- fessional reputation, and could threaten the values, integrity, and reputa- tion of your organization. The Need for Consequences You need always remember that shaping and managing your reputation is a never-ending process. You will face dramatically different kinds of situa- tions at various stages in your life and your career. Each one of them will test your convictions: your ability to remain true to your values when pres- sures mount. And they will mount. Consequences and punishments for behavior that is unacceptable are very powerful statements. Defending values is a key element of your repu-