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12 When You Make a Mistake > The Lion's Den - Pg. 185

W H E N Y O U M A K E A M I S TA K E 185 be swept out by the rip current of what others say, regardless of the facts or your view. The rule of thumb is this: First, you need seriously to consider a response if there is a crisis in which social media have voiced criticism of your values, your decisions, your integrity, and your reputation, thereby putting your career in jeopardy. Second, if you do respond, you must respond within twelve hours or you will be burned. Wait too long and social media will take over. Whatever facts you might like to share or whatever information you have that could put a balanced perspective on the situation will be of little avail. It is too diffi- cult to chase the story when--in the world of digital technology where nano seconds count--it has had such a long head start. So remember . . . you have twelve hours or less within which to take responsibility and say, I am sorry. And within that same time, you will have to commit to a fresh start, assuring those around you that nothing like what happened will happen again.