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13 An Enduring Reputation > Reputation Means Results - Pg. 196

196 TRUST Reputation Means Results When some people think about what it takes to be successful, they may too quickly focus only on what often are referred to as measurable results. Those are the results that are most easily quantifiable. Some say they are "hard" results, implying that any others are "soft" and thereby have less value and are less important. If you run a business, for example, measurable or hard results would often be financial--such as earnings, shareholder returns, profitability, and the bottom line--or they might be market share or industry ranking. If you run a charitable organization, they revolve around contributions and meeting fundraising targets. If you manage a trade association, they might be winning legislative or regulatory changes and moving the nee- dle on public opinion. Without a doubt, there can be no question that these are absolutely critical goals. The fact is that without them there is no long-term success. It would be naive to think otherwise. You cannot have a successful busi- ness without earnings that sustain it and permit investments for the