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Landing Clients Authentically > Landing Clients Authentically - Pg. 60

60 CHARACTER reputation, and how they paved the way for the future. His story of suc- cess is built on relating to clients authentically, which often made all the difference. In this interview, he offers some great tips for creating a gen- uine connection. To me, it's all rather simple. What you do demonstrates your char- acter. If you want to build relationships with people who work for you or those for whom you work, you have to do the things that are substantive and make a difference. Look them in the eye and tell them what is real. Don't fake it. Don't overpromise. Saying that you will do something means nothing less . . . get it done. The guiding principles for how you need to behave are really sim- ple. Some people overcomplicate them and, in the process, what is most important falls by the wayside. Give them a firm handshake. And be ready to be tested. More than once, when it first looked like I had lost the opportunity to raise funds for my corporate clients, I got a second chance. The answer