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A Genuine Legacy > A Genuine Legacy - Pg. 64

64 CHARACTER Transparency and Authenticity Drive Trust We are in an era in which the demand for candor, understanding, and clar- ity of purpose is greater than ever before. Transparency creates confidence and underscores authenticity. In turn, they create a climate of trust in which businesses are better likely to deliver results and careers better able to be successful. Investors demand transparency in financial disclosure by chief executives and financial officers. Patients want transparency from those in the health- care field so they know more about treatment options. And employees want transparency in goals and objectives from all those with whom they work. Transparency in business is the framework for authenticity. The two go hand-in-hand. And trust follows. If you aren't transparent, then you aren't authentic. You are hiding something. There is something you don't want to share . . . or perhaps you are afraid of sharing. Regardless, it affects those with whom you work and detracts from your ability to project the right motives and build success. And people are less likely to trust.