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6 Seek to Understand > Don't Be a "Know-It-All" - Pg. 90

90 C O M M U N I C AT I O N Encourages them to think through what they have to say. Starts a process in which others know they will be asked for their views and, as a result, they plan for it, giving the process more thought than they might have otherwise. Puts pressure on them to come forward with their own thinking. Solidifies their role on a team, making them responsible. Ensures that they cannot be bystanders to what needs to be done. Isolates them if they do not contribute. Bonds them to the final decision. When you look at this list, what strikes you? Clearly, listening can have as meaningful an impact on others as it does for you. That is good for the enterprise and enhances your reputation. If others feel better after being with you, that says a lot about you and your approach to those with whom