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Straight Talk . . . No Spin > Straight Talk . . . No Spin - Pg. 104

104 C O M M U N I C AT I O N directed by them in any respect. That's pretty challenging isn't it? It was the right thing to say, too. 3 Jack Knight's style was to be direct. As for his reputation, he wanted to be known as "fair and honorable and doing the right thing. . . . Being objective and opinionated." That he surely was. Simply put, Jack Knight tackled them head-on. He had the courage not to shy away from reality. This was his commitment to telling it like it is. His straightforward approach would pay off in many ways, not the least among them respect and reputation. Straight talk means no "spin." There's no room for trying to twist the facts, avoid the issue, shade the truth, or walk away from reality. To cut to the chase: the concept of spin is disrespectful. It flies in the face of trust and is devoid of integrity. Whether used as a noun or a verb, the word spin implies that the people with whom you want to communicate aren't capable of real understand-