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7 Effective Communication > Communication and Retention - Pg. 100

100 C O M M U N I C AT I O N last?" And people, they expect an answer. You better think about that. So you have to think a lot about communication. Externally and internally, what are your key messages? 1 There is no question that we are in a demanding era, especially for com- munication. There is no substitute for informed conversation and open dialog against a backdrop of disclosure and speed. The expectation of those who work with us is for us to be honest, transparent, and genuinely com- passionate of others. When openness is missing, it creates the kind of doubt and skepticism that will undermine our efforts to be successful. With such easy access by everyone to a wide range of traditional, online, social networking, and other communication methods and tools, the common assumption is that if we don't use them to their fullest extent, we are either afraid of dialog or trying purposely to avoid potentially sen- sitive or troublesome issues. The result is an immediate and full-on blow to our reputation that could damage our credibility and our ability to work with people effectively.