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CHAPTER 5: Plan (Step #4) > Leibman's Lexicon for Job Search Networking - Pg. 99

cHAPter 5: PlAn LeIbmAn'S LexICon For Job SeArCh networkInG Now that we have discussed what networking is and what net- working is not, let's discuss the different types of Job Search Net- working and some other key terms you need to understand. (Appendix A in the back of this book also provides a glossary with all the career success terms I define throughout the book.) Affiliations are organizations you are a member of through q q your personal life, your academic life, or your professional life. This includes any religious groups, athletic leagues, social clubs, volunteer groups, academic institutions, honor societies, Greek organizations, professional associations, etc. Level 1 Contacts are people you already know, such as your q q friends, family, or professional contacts. q q Level 2 Contacts are people you do not know (yet), but who have something in common with you. you could both know the same person, or you could both be part of a specific group. Level 2 Contacts are "hidden" contacts, and most people never take the time to find them. Level q q 3 Contacts are people you do not know (yet) who do not share any common connections or affiliations with you. q q Game-Changers are successful senior executives in your ideal industry with the power to hire you or the ability to influence other people with the power to hire you. Game-Changers can be Level 1 Contacts, Level 2 Contacts, or Level 3 Contacts. Networking is the process of connecting with your Level 1 Contacts (people you already know), while also using your Level 1 Contacts and your Affiliations to connect with your Level 2 Contacts (people you have something in common with). This is called Warm Networking because you are likely to get a 99 Warm q q