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CHAPTER 6: Look (Step #5) > Do You Know How to Ask for Directions? - Pg. 121

cHAPter 6: look to ignore someone asking you for help individually. 7. It is not always wise to be differ- ent. Standing in Times Square with a poster that says "Hire me!" is being different in a bad way. you don't want to get someone's attention by looking desperate. Be different in a good way. L e ib mAn L if e L es s o n: Approach your job search like a great salesperson, and you will get your dream job faster and with less effort. Do You know how to ASk For DIreCtIonS? Imagine that you are parked in your car at a red light at a busy intersection. I pull up in my car right next to you. I honk my horn, roll down the window, and look at you. you notice that I am trying