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CHAPTER 7: Execute (Step #6) > Be Paranoid - Pg. 150

getting Your DreAm joB is s.i.m.P.l.e. tion you should be receiving (as discussed in Chapter 5). you should also visit, where you can often find insights from people who have interviewed with specific employ- ers. The process of researching the employer and the industry should actually be interesting to you. If not, that's a sign that you are interviewing with the wrong employer or that you don't want the job badly enough. Identify the employer's Specific needs Study the job description and the employer's website meticulously. This sounds incredibly obvious, but most people take this for granted. I certainly did before some of my first job interviews. The job description and employer's website usually tip you off to what you will be asked in the interview, while also giving you ideas for great questions you should ask. Here are three powerful questions to ask yourself to identify the employer's needs: