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Now Is the Best Time Ever to Get Your Dr... > Now Is the Best Time Ever to Get You... - Pg. 9

introDuction: mY storY now IS the beSt tIme ever to Get Your DreAm Job--SerIouSLY you might not believe me yet, but this book will show you why this is the best time ever to get your dream job and skyrocket your career, no matter what you want to do. When I was a student in college, there was no comprehensive, step-by-step framework on how to break into and rise quickly in any organization. I had to fig- ure it out on my own through trial-and-error, and that is good news for you. This book will not bombard you with hundreds of random tips that leave you feeling overwhelmed and directionless. Instead, this book features a systematic, proven process that you can easily follow to create the career of your dreams. In addition, when I was in college, social media barely existed, and that made my job search much more cumbersome than yours has to be. Thanks to the Inter- net, it is now easier than ever before to brand yourself as a high- value job-seeker and to get connected with influential people who