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Vision and Quick Victories 31 There is nothing quite like responsibility--especially a role in which others depend on you--to focus your attention. As a leader at The Edge, you must continually scan for people who exhibit nervousness and an- xiety.When you find them, figure out a way to capture that free-floating energy. Assign them a special project. Give them added responsibility. As a martial arts instructor of mine used to say, "Anxiety is energy without a goal." Expedition Log Before you can communicate a long-term vision to others, you need to be clear in your own mind about your goals.This clarity needs to exist on two levels: a personal vision for you as a leader and a vision for the organization. Defining a Long-Term Vision 1. What is your personal leadership vision? What are the qualities and behaviors that will be required to lead your organization to The Edge? 2. What is The Edge goal for your organization--the ultimate des- tination for the expedition you have undertaken? Is there a "new mark" that you should consider? Focusing Energy on Short-Term Goals 1. What are the key opportunities for action? What concrete things can you do to create a sense of momentum and forward move- ment? 2. What are the structures and routines that you use to create a sense of stability? What other things might you do? 3. Can you think of any "engaging distractions" that would con- tribute to the morale of your organization? 4. What are your short-term milestones? How are you measuring success on the journey your expedition has undertaken? American Management Association ·