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The Alpha Project: JIM > The Alpha Project: JIM - Pg. 346

THE ALPHA PROJECT--JIM Practice Negotiation 4. THE ALPHA PROJECT: JIM You (Jim) and Chris have been working on the Alpha Project team for the past 18 months. You represent Data Coordination. You and Chris are at the same organizational level; Chris was asked to head up the project team. While you generally like Chris and have enjoyed working with her in the past, you think her ap- pointment was a mistake. A number of people, yourself included, would have been better choices. This project involves the implementation of a new software program that could have a significant impact on the company. You are not happy with the way Chris has treated you on this project. Namely: · She has made several major changes in your section of the quarterly report without asking for or getting your approval. You were away on a trip, but she could have gotten to you with a little effort. · Chris has been meeting informally with other members of the team and for some reason never invites you.