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I. Opening Activities > Opening Exercise 2: Expectations - Pg. 7

Opening Exercise 2. Expectations Objectives: Time: Group Size: Materials: Trainer's Notes: To have participants identify what they want to learn in the program 35 minutes Small groups should be no more than four people. Pairs will also work well. Bring extra copies of the worksheets to the class. This material should be distributed approximately one week prior to the pro- gram. During the program opening, it should be used as a vehicle to discuss participants' expectations for the session. The first page can be used by itself at the beginning of the program. Procedure: Step I At the beginning of the program, ask participants to meet with others at their table to discuss the pre-work. Emphasize that they should focus on the situ- ations in which they negotiate, as well as their expectations for the program. Responses to the other questions should be shared within the group. Allow 10 minutes. Reporting Back Ask each group to report on their negotiation situations and their expecta- tions for the workshop. After participants give their reports, ask them how many with negotiations are with people they have done business with before. Most negotiations will be with people they have dealt with previously and will deal with again. We usually point out that this type of negotiation requires special skills because the relationship is critical. This is not a traditional win-lose negotiation such as takes place in a flea market or with a car dealer. Allow 10 minutes. Step III After listing the types of negotiations, ask people to report on their expecta- tions for the program. Discuss their expectations with emphasis on which items you will cover and when, and which items will not be included in the program. For those items that will not be included, suggest options for how they can be addressed. For example, books or meeting with you after class, etc. Allow 15 minutes. Step II American Management Association / 7