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IV. Negotiation Skills > Skills Exercise 1: Behaviors of the Successful Negotia... - Pg. 41

Skills Exercise 1. Behaviors of the Successful Negotiator Objectives: Time: Group Size: Materials: Trainer's Notes: To identify the behaviors of the effective negotiator 45 minutes Small groups of four to six. Copy of the exercise for each person. Flip-chart, magic markers, tape or push pins, and a flip-chart for each group. You can use this activity as a freestanding exercise or combine it with the exercise that follows. We suggest that they be used together and that the di- rections be combined. These exercises should be used early in the program. Procedure: Step I Step II Ask each group to develop (1) a list of the behaviors of an effective negotia- tor and (2) a list of behaviors to avoid. Allow 5 minutes. Distribute the attached worksheet. Divide the group into small groups of four to six people.