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XII. General Exercises > General Exercise 2: The Melian Dialogue - Pg. 217

General Exercise 2. The Melian Dialogue Objectives: Time: Group Size: Materials: Trainer's Notes: To review the impact of one's power on the negotiating process 30­45 minutes 3­4 Copy of dialogue for each person. This activity can be used as pre-work or between various days of the program. It should not be read during the session. The idea for the exercise came from an article that appeared in the April 1994 issue of The Negotiation Journal. The article was written by Heinz Waelchi and Nhavan Shah and is titled "Crisis Negotiations between Unequals: Lessons from a Classic Dialogue." We would strongly urge you to read this article before you use this exercise. Procedure: Step I Distribute a copy of the worksheet, The Melian Dialogue, to each participant. Explain to the group that this dialogue was taken from The Peloponnesian