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XIII. Needs and Interests > Needs and Interests Exercise 2: My Needs and Intere... - Pg. 239

Needs and Interests Exercise 2. My Needs and Interests Objectives: To understand our individual needs and interests To understand the impact of our needs and interest on our negotiations Time: Group Size: Materials: Trainer's Notes: 45­60 minutes 3­4 Copies of worksheets for each person. This case works well with Needs and Interests Exercise 1: Needs and Interests Analysis and Cases 1 and 8. If you have not already presented the lecture on needs and interests (found in Needs and Interests Exercise 1), do so before you proceed with the specifics of this exercise. Introduce the exercise by telling participants the following: "In this exercise we will look at the people who make up our own frames of reference, who affect our behavior. "It is important to remember that each person will affect us differently, de- pending upon the issues being negotiated. "Each of us have `audiences'--people who are watching and waiting to see how we do. "Frequently our audiences are not in the room with us, but they still have an impact on our behavior. They influence our behavior. They are our external influencers and will impact how we see see the world. For example, our need to succeed, or to look good in the eyes of others. "It is important to understand who our influencers are and the impact they have on us when we negotiate." Step II Note: if possible, give an example from your own experience. Distribute copies of the "Audience" Analysis and "Audiences" and Negotia- tion Worksheets. Give participants these directions: "First, record on your Audience Analysis worksheet the names of the people who make up your audience. Procedure: Step I American Management Association / 239