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XIV. Difficult People > Difficult People Exercise: The Difficult Negotiator - Pg. 247

Diffi cult People Exercise The Difficult Negotiator Objectives: Time: Group Size: Materials: Trainer's Notes: To give participants an opportunity to practice dealing with an individual who presents problems during a negotiation 55­70 minutes for each role-play and the discussion. 3 people Copies of the Personality Profile Worksheet as well as the Role-Play and Ob- server Sheet This activity may be completed with any role-play. You may use one from this book (see Appendix) or from 25 Role Plays to Teach Negotiations, Asher- man and Asherman, HRD Press, 1995. We have used several role-plays and all of them have worked well. This activity is enhanced if you have a par- ticular model for handling problem behavior for the participants to follow. If you do not have a specific model, you should focus your discussion at the end of the activity on those things that worked and those that did not in an effort to build a model. Note: If you have not already done so, divide participants into groups of three, with one observer and two role-players. The roles will change during the activity so that everyone will have an opportunity to practice negotiating. Explain the exercise. Indicate the following: "You will have the opportunity to practice negotiating with someone who gives you trouble. In each group, one of you will observe and two will ne- gotiate. Decide who the negotiators will be. One of the negotiators will play him or herself; the other will play a `difficult negotiator.' "I will shortly hand out a personality profile worksheet. The people playing themselves should check the behaviors that the person who gives them dif- ficulty usually demonstrates. Do not check more than five items. You may feel free to substitute items." Step II Distribute copies of the Personality Profile Worksheet and the role-play you will be using. Ask participants to complete the worksheet. Allow 2 to 3 minutes. "When you have finished, hand the worksheet to your partner, who will play that person in the upcoming negotiation." Procedure: Step I American Management Association / 247