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Chapter 12Enhancing Wind Energy Value > 12.4 Dedicated Storage Technologies - Pg. 180

180 Enhancing Wind Energy Value moving parts to wear out, and are relatively inexpensive. Although electric resistance space heating is relatively uncommon, electric water heating with storage tanks is relatively common in some parts of North America. These devices could also be controlled to provide balancing services. The storage capability of a typical residential water heater is nearly equivalent to the storage capability of an electric vehicle battery. Because these devices serve double duty providing space conditioning, hot water, or pumping services, the incremental cost to access the storage capability to provide balancing services is relatively inexpensive. The energy storage of a typical residential domestic hot water heater is equiv- alent to thousands of dollars of lithium-ion battery technology. 12.4 DEDICATED STORAGE TECHNOLOGIES It may be natural to think of dedicated electric storage facilities and sometimes exotic technologies for storing energy as a means of maxi- mizing the value of wind generation. Important storage technologies exist and have their place, but the cost of most of the technologies is daunting to say the least. In fact, most systems have relatively large storage capability in