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2.6 Summary 19 in order to more accurately forecast wind energy. Because they tend to move in predictable directions, it may be both possible and desirable to establish strategically placed meteorological stations to collect data upwind of (west in the northern hemisphere) wind projects to better detect and forecast weather fronts. 2.5.3 Wind generation data One of the greatest challenges for analysts preparing to examine the economic effects of prospective wind generation is developing credible representations of wind output for wind projects that have yet to be constructed. Analysts may not have a clear view of exactly where the new wind projects are likely to be sited, making the problem especially diffi- cult. Methods available to analysts for preparing reasonable approxima- tions of wind behavior are detailed in Chapter 4. One approach to estimating the effects of additional wind projects is to start with wind generation data that may already be available from existing projects on the power system. While this is a reasonable starting point, care must be taken to preserve the complex relationships among multiple wind power projects acting in aggregate. For example, the behavior of two 100-