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PART 2 THE HIDDEN PERSONALITY IN ACTION > 5 Approaching the Hidden Personality ... - Pg. 63

5 Approaching the Hidden Personality of the Sixteen Types T HIS CHAPTER PROVIDES brief descriptions of the areas covered in Chapters 6 through 13, each of which is devoted to one of the dominant types. Each of these eight chapters presents a dominant function with its preferred attitude and two opposite auxiliary and tertiary functions. Be- cause this orientation chapter gives the rationale for the subsections in the type chapters, it is important that you read it before you proceed to any of the next eight chapters. Each chapter on the dominant functions covers six topics relevant to the inferior function. The brief discussions of these areas in this chapter summarize and expand on the discussions in Chapter 4. The Dominant Function Versus the Inferior Function This section contrasts effective use of the dominant function of the type in question with effective use of the dominant function of the opposite type (e.g., Extraverted Thinking types are compared with Introverted Feeling types).This information is divided into two subsections: "Impor- tant Features of the Dominant Function" and "Important Features of the Opposite Type's Dominant Function." Important Features of the Dominant Function A brief type description highlights qualities of the dominant function that are important to understanding aspects of its inferior manifestations. It also helps us contrast the typical behavior of people of that type with their 63